Europlus is backed by a team of experienced personnels, so that all aspects of our operations are
performed in‐house, ensuring efficiency, reliability and professionalism.
Our head office is headed by 2 directors with over 10 years of experience in the export/import industry.
Their extensive knowledge and relationships with worldwide suppliers enable them to continually source new products to add to our ever growing product list.
We have a fully qualified team in administration, to look after all aspects of import documentation as well
as accounts management.
Our warehouse is managed by 2 directors who have at least 15 years experience in the retail industry.
They are directly involved in sales, stock control, as well as despatching orders and making and/or
arranging deliveries.
All directors are also shareholders, so there is no conflict of interest. All directors are dedicated to
performing at their optimum, ensuring that Europlus will continue to grow, each and every day.

Our Goal

Having successfully battled through the difficult 'Start‐up' phase, Europlus is now proudly heading into a
'Growth' phase and we strive to continually provide our customers with quality, nutritious and tasty
products at competitive prices.

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